Argo Travel Group - - Jun 20, 2018
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Argo Travel Group

“Continuous and successful operation for over half a century”

ARGO travel was founded in Athens in 1952 by the pioneers in the rising sector of ship crew movement and corporate travel: George D. Fytilis, Demetrios G. Fytilis and the present Chief Executive Officer Demetrios A. Pithis. Starting as an agency specializing in ship crew movements, ARGO Travel has grown into one of the leading agencies in this sector.

The second generation and members of the board, consisting of G.D. Fytilis, A.D. Pithis and P.D Fytilis are carrying the group forward to the new challenging era .

In 1953, just one year after its foundation, ARGO Travel was among the very first travel agencies in Greece that were approved and accredited/certified by IATA.

ARGO Travel is the first Greek travel agency that was awarded with "Quality Assurance Certification" for its services. This certification reflects our commitment that the travel services we offer will continue to meet the increasing demands of the 21st century traveler with consistency, seriousness reliability and effectiveness

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